Thursday, January 13, 2011


it's 亲爱的's birthday today! as we also had our chairman meeting, we were unable to really plan a big birthday surprise. so we all went out for a simple dinner.

PL suggested junction 8 and 亲爱的 wanted ajisen, so ajisen it is! me and LP got the seafood ramen...

...while PL and 亲爱的 took spicy chashu ramen.

our sides: (clockwise) baby octopus, fried white fish, cuttlefish, and the seafood thingy.

walked around after that while waiting for dinner to digest, and camwhored! :P

then headed to swensons for dessert. according to PL, they'll give you a free bowl of ice cream if you prove you're having your birthday on that day! ^_^

the free ice cream, with 1 scoop of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry each, 3 cherries and a raspberry!

we ordered fried mushrooms and fries cos too paiseh to eat free. =P

then made our way home. mad tired! at first i was rather reluctant to join as i really wanted to head home and curl up in bed. but i'm glad i went. these people are so hilarious, i had lots of fun and laughter. i think it's always nice to hang out together even though we see one another at work everyday. the atmosphere plays a huge part in our emotions.

p.s. we also gave 亲爱的 a small bouquet of lilies! pretty right?! i think it kinda suits her.

on the other hand, office bought this ugly-looking new year light-up 'tree', which costs $300+. even more than my hair, and one year bring out once nia. madness!

lalala. one last day tomorrow before my leave on friday. lots of packing to do! argh.


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