Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011: 鱼生 no.2

did my CNY nails at summer sweet last sunday afternoon. 2 extensions plus gel overlays as manicure, and a simple floral pedicure. threw in a foot spa too. mad shiok. and cindy's art skills are damn good. super love the 3D and nail art flowers she drew for me. see see!

everything costs like, only $93. PL did her pedicure with 3D flowers and it was almost $70 already! sighh. but still, i wish i hadn't gotten addicted to gel extensions. they're super pretty, but mad expensive too. oh well. one year once nia. lol.

... ...

then popped over to kallang for reunion dinner. (had steamboat reunion dinner at SSD's on saturday, but paiseh to take pics as usual.) anyway, the "Lai Wah" restaurant was so full that we had to sit outside. me don't likes! and they gave us such a small table. boo.

the 9 course dinner cost almost $500 for a table of 10! so not worth! i think i could have had a better, fresher, more comfortable, tastier meal at seafood international. boo.

... ...

mad tired; slept at 2am and woke up this morning for 'work'. damn bo liao to be in the office for a mere 2 and a half hours ALONE. oh wells. one more dinner to go to later. and then it's the new year!

恭喜发财 to all! :D


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