Monday, February 21, 2011

my life is monochromatic.

it's sunday night again. the weekend is gone and seemingly wasted. it will be another 5 days before the next weekend comes again. hope it will be better than this.

... ...

anyway, i went to work on saturday. not exactly work per se; more like to check for an email. for peace of mind. damn waste of time. but at least i did my job. and i helped myself to lots of chocolates. :P

expensive honeydew chocolates from japan which supposedly costs SGD2.50 each. (boss(es) went to hokkaido over the CNY 'holidays'. company not making money? i don't quite think so. like anyone believes they used their own money. *pui*)

then went PS to watch 新少林寺 with SSD, under recommendation of PL.

don't really like andy lau, but i have to admit this show is meaningful. i understand why PL likes it. i probably would have felt it more if i had remained a buddhist, but nevertheless, it was full of 人生道理s that was pretty 发人深省. for a moment i even thought of going back to religion! lols.

went to funan to buy SSD's alienware. but he refused to accept a substandard graphic card, so 活该 have to wait till monday. =\ lunchie at pastamania! haven't had this for so long. i can never make sauce as good as them. mine's either too watery or too thick. :(

minestrone (pronounced "min-uh-stroh-nee") soup. i likes!

SSD's al funghi. mushroomy!

my cheesy crumble haven. damn shiok. but mad sinful. =(

... ...

sunday was spent cleaning baby boy and watching show. how boring!

... ...

came across this by chance. pitter patter chargers! way cuter and most importantly, 6 times cheaper than SSD's external battery case he kept haolian-ing. should i get one just to spite him? :D


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  1. [...] previously i mentioned i wanted the pitter patter one but did a last minute switch to this hearts overload. pretty? =) quality looks so-so though and it’s still recharging, so i sure hope it works well. *cross fingers* [...]


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