Saturday, February 19, 2011

2011: 鱼生 no.6

"Jeanette Aw injured in filming accident"

this is really dumb.

just because she's a 'celebrity', they have to report her getting a scratch?! either that or they really have nothing better to report. next, they're gonna report someone else having a pimple or something. zzZz.

... ...

had my sixth and last 鱼生 this festive season yesterday afternoon during lunch.

鱼生 veggies and tilapia slices were from soup restaurant, and salmon slices from ntuc finest. this is so far my best 鱼生 so far. the sauce made the whole dish really yummy and the salmon slices were thick and fresh. there were like, 10+ slices and only for $3!! we had 6 people tossing, and only 3 ate salmon. i think i ate almost half of it. LOL. :D

... ...

met up with zhu and cher for dinner today. this time we had sushi! no more steamboat! lols. cher apparently met her friend on the bus and invited her to join us. (i should have brought 亲爱的 along too.)

my cha soba! *loves*

mushroom tempura. this is nice! gonna order this next time.

zhu's fried age tofu.

super hilarious when her ramen arrived when we were about to finish. poor gal had to stuff herself again. looking forward to vegetarian dinner next month!! =)

lalala. busy busy weekend. no time for myself again. boo. X(


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