Saturday, February 5, 2011

2011: 鱼生 no.3

恭喜发财!! :D

can't believe it's 初二 going to 初三 already! it's been a hectic day 1 and a stressful day 2, and i sure am looking forward to a more relaxed weekend. (and 4 days of compulsory rest after that.)

anyway, how did you spend your day 1? mine's busy as usual.

love love love my maxi! (SSD's gonna start praising himself again cos he chose it.) though i don't like how it makes me look super fat sometimes. spent a bomb on it and people said it wasn't worth the $110. sobs. T_T

it was breakfast at ah ma's house, then lunch at a relative's. visited 2 temples to pray before meeting up with SSD and heading to my ah gong's place. it's probably the last place i'd want to celebrate CNY at, cos it's so small and i have so many relatives. not to mention the number of dogs. O_o luckily this year we have a mini housewarming session at home so i'll be able to spend time with ah gong without so many people around.

sat for a short while before heading off to SSD's place. (feel so bad cos for the 2nd year i only spent like an hour plus at ah gong's house and it's like the only time of year where i see the rest of my relatives. oh wells.)

reached home around midnight. super shag. and SSD spent the night. imagine 2 adults squeezing into a single-size bed. -_-''' next time i'll make him sleep on the floor. zzZz.

... ...

day 2 was stressful because i had to go 拜年 with SSD's grandmother. that wasn't exactly the scary part. meeting his relatives for the first time was. but luckily it wasn't as scary as i though it would be. i would probably freak out if his relatives were like mine. lols. hope i left a not-too-bad impression but there's nothing i can do if not. *cross fingers*

went back home cos ah ma and gang came over. and i had my 3rd 鱼生. XD

... ...

more eating this weekend. fat fat fat! boo! T_T


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