Saturday, February 12, 2011

2011: 鱼生 no.5

gosh my 5th 鱼生 this festive season! and i think i have another one this sunday. @_@

we had our company CNY lunch at szechuan court, fairmont singapore. the interior was super cheena, but nevertheless had the grand appearance. and it was fully packed! luckily they gave us a corner table for more privacy.

i took the other side of the table, and as i was facing the window, the sunlight made it almost impossible to take any photos. so i gave up. and i ain't gonna wait for D cos i don't think he'll pass the photos to me. lols.

and here's the rest of the dishes. =)

the heavenly pot was, well, heavenly. lol. it was slightly spicy but silly me bit and swallowed a green chili padi, so i didn't quite get to enjoy the rest of the soup much. there were stuff like fish maw, abalone, sea cucumber and other 山珍海味 inside, and PL kept saying "eat all the expensive things can le." so i did lor. lols.

the steamed codfish was the best imho, albeit a tiny bit overcooked. the sauce was yums and even the skin, which i usually don't take, tasted nice! no bones, and they served it in individual plates. yummy!

the lobster was disappointing though. they gave us each a set of knife and fork and we were expected to dig out the meat ourselves. it was quite hard and chewy and difficult to dig out. and i was super scared it'll go flying. lol.

a super full and satisfying meal. and mad expensive - $138++ per pax. oh i ate meat too, accidentally. but looking at the price, worth it i guess. =P

back to work! sobs.


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