Sunday, August 28, 2011

foodie weekend

i'm left with 1 and 1/3 reports to complete. hopefully i can start on my final one by monday, due in 2 weeks' time. argh. and hopefully my assignment twos can help pull up the just-pass grades i got for the assignment ones. :oops: all 3 lecturers said the same thing - not enough references! like super demoralizing can?! but at least one of them was encouraging enough to say "first semester usually like that one, cos you all don't know how to do referencing."

that's one thing me and my group of first-sems don't understand - if we're supposed to copy and paste what other people say, is there even a point to doing report? won't everyone's report be similar? :|

ah wells. *face palm*

was at clarke quay for dinner yesterday. SSD made me happy by saying we were gonna have buffet at fisherman's market, before he realized it was $50++ per pax. :? so we had manhattan's instead.

they have like, the BEST mushroom soup ever! lol.

cheesy fries were kinda disappointing cos i prefer skinny fries to these.

my upsized dory fish n chips. so yummy but would have enjoyed it more if i wasn't worrying about how to finish all the food.

SSD's seafood spaghetti. (p/s. the shop n save near my house ran out of alfredo sauce so i have to get tomato. *sad face*)

really have to stop stuffing myself like that. =\

went for a walk near the river, and there were lanterns of the 12 zodiac animals lined and lighted up. mine's rabbit and SSD's rat.

the rat look so weird right?! the face like 壽包. rofl. i wonder who designed it. and the snake got ears one. but their dragon is cute. t-rex! (though dragon and dino same meh?) lols. piggy is cute too!


... ...

and then it's POLLING DAY today! who did you vote for? :P

after that, we went to see horrible bosses. i kinda didn't expect it to be m18 again. and it was even worse than bridesmaids. SSD getting nottier and nottier. tsk!

i think we need to go watch cars 2. it's cartoon. very healthy. yep. :?

dinner at ah ma's place. and aunt bought the choc tart i liked! ok so the strawberry's sour, but the crust is thin and when you bite into it you get a whole mouthful of yummy chocolate.

ahhh~ someone convince me chocolate ain't fattening. it's from naomi kitchen by the way. :)


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