Friday, August 26, 2011

a (pretty) useless post

i have a 'new' schoolbag! :D

lol actually this bag has been with me for quite some time already. but i realized that the design, although not bad-looking, was dumb. which resulted in me having to DIY tie those 2 ribbons there. stingy me didn't want to throw it out cos it isn't spoiled, so i'm hoping the heavy book i carry everyday can help spoil the bag. like what it did to my pretty ribbon stud bag. =(

lol very 無聊 right? show you something even more 無聊.




ta da~

rofl. we were talking about the food stall near my house that was having a lucky draw to win iphones/ipads. *smack SSD*

... ...

one thing i'm starting to dislike about school (apart from weird lecturers) - sucky administration! i thought my internship issue was already settled in june. now it appears the school has confused itself, and me with it. i have 4 official documents, 2 saying that i need to do, and 2 saying i don't.

so need to do or not? -_-'''


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