Saturday, August 20, 2011

wash, rinse, repeat.

i should be working on my sales report but i'm simply not in the mood to do so. and when i'm not in the mood, nothing comes out no matter how hard i try. but i guess i need to start soon. maybe, sunday? since i'll be out saturday as well. :|

anyways, just came back some time ago from late night movie with SSD. don't you love free tickets?

have been wanting to watch this ever since it came out. anything animal is good. :P

and the animals are so funny! like the crow that isn't a zoo animal. oh, and griffin peeing on the poor wolf. that one was super funny! its expression after that was...priceless! rofl. and many many more. no regrets watching it!=)

... ...

met up with the ex-colleagues for dinner at suki nihon mura. waiting time was around an hour. terrible!

we all had the buffet and it was madness. total food ordered was like, 2-3 times what you see up there. i think it was because majority of the tables were having buffet as well and we thought they mixed up / left out our orders. so we ordered again and in the end they came twice.

so funny when i was picking the pickles off the bacon asparagus, and PL was like, "can you please eat the main dish instead of the garnish?" rofl. was super duper full. such a long time since i felt like that. 我知錯了! 下次不敢了!

it's been ages since i last laughed and crapped and went crazy with them. miss those good old days. gonna meet one more time next month (hopefully) before 親愛的 leaves. she resigned by the way. RT is mad f-ed up. lols. it's a pity i won't be able to attend 媽's wedding dinner in october and meet up with the rest of them again. argghh!

crazy camwhoring while waiting for the lift. and all of them turned out blur. :-?

... ...

speaking of 媽's wedding dinner, it irks me so badly that i have to skip it because a cousin's wedding dinner is on the same day. and what irks me further is that it's a shotgun wedding.

i'm the kind (the kind that hates kids) who'll rather get rid of the baby rather than to spoil the meaning of a wedding in this manner. (yes hate me.)

weddings are like, special and so meaningful. especially the exchange of vows and rings and the wedding gown! (why should the gown be compromised because of a baby bump?) the whole thing represents a couple's commitment and promise to each other. special thoughts and effort should be put into planning such a magical event.

doing it in a rush and for any reason other than love and commitment to each other is just insulting the meaning of weddings. and i don't really like being part something like that. :x

oh wells, i'm weird. too bad no one thinks like that anymore nowadays.


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