Wednesday, August 3, 2011

prius online

lol one more gaming entry. *must go around playing all the games to make full use of shit*

prius online is another 3D pvp game that's like, super similar to aikaSEA. (i heard that aikaSEA copied prius. you'll be able to see the similarities.) now, i've begun to hate games with gender-lock (meaning certain classes can only be played by certain gender avatars) but thankfully, prius' archer is female. :)

here's mine at level 19.

(click to enlarge)

i admit she's ugly. but that's beside the point. see that flower on my bow? at first i thought it looked pretty. now i don't really fancy carrying a 寿桃 everywhere i go. but that's....also not really the point.

the point is, i have an anima. familiar much? lols. but the difference is, there's this gauge that increases as you go along, and once it fills up, you can awake her! like this:

(click to enlarge)

much prettier! in this state, she will be able to use skills that she hasn't learnt.

animas also have personalities that you can encourage. i encouraged mine to be active and independent. which means, when i'm in battle, she uses her skills WITHOUT me asking her to. it's really helpful cos i'm training her to be a healer, so i almost never have to worry about my health!

oh ya, you can go into anima-mode, though i haven't figured out what for. at level 30 (or 35), we can get gigas. i think they're like, tanks that we can transform into? they apparently have much more health and perhaps more skills that we can use to fight boss mobs.

gameplay is basically questing. but it's better than aikaSEA because the quests are like, never-ending. (i'm stuck at level 15 on aikaSEA cos i've completed all the quests for my level and i don't want to grind.) on prius, i'm almost level 21 now and whenever i arrive at a new town, i see quests for level 10-15 that i haven't done. so yeah, it keeps me wanting to continue playing.

there's also a private 'home' where you have a bed and storage and other stuff. you get a quest to add a stove, where your anima can cook. (she can learn skills like cooking and harvesting too!) i haven't figured a lot of that out yet. it's definitely more interesting than aikaSEA. and rappelz perhaps? graphics are definitely NOT cuter than mapleSEA though. =\

pretty white tiger. quest boss mob. they have cute mobs like hopping onions and floating penguins. :P

(click to enlarge)

off to tame my first mount. i think they're called peros. it's gonna be a pig. bright pink. :D


i've got my mount! it's a fox-thingy. not a pig. my bad!

(click to enlarge)

and you have to feed it the food that your anima cooks, or it won't have energy to run. like this:

(click to enlarge)

cute right?! but sadly, i've just realized my huntress skill animations aren't as spectacular as the other classes. boo!

... ...

finally done with all the assignment ones. taking a short 'study' break before i work on the 4 assignment twos. =\


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