Saturday, October 15, 2011

home sweet home.

i'm back~! :D

it's been quite a nice trip i must say. definitely better than running around on our own. seen and learnt and experienced so much more. =) well, except for the fact i got horrible breakouts since the very first night there. can't believe i'm so sway. i suspect it might be the eyebrow trim i got prior to the trip. she was eating and didn't wash her hands after that. either that, or taiwan hates me. so. summary.

the flights.

i hate flying. full stop.

the guide.

had a local tour guide (and his 2 assistants). he was pretty funny and knowledgeable and was probably the main reason why i enjoyed this trip so much. i applaud his (assuming it's him) ability to plan an alternate trip due to unforeseen circumstances.


ups and downs for this. some were a little disappointing but there were others that were beautiful. like the hot spring resort. ;)


i had my fill of 臭豆腐. that's most important. lol. the rest were satisfactory. BUT! i ate pork. not once, not twice, but FOUR FREAKING TIMES! and yes, i still hate pork. note: any pork food reviews for this trip will be biased.


wall-e was great. felt super touristy with him hanging around my neck. except that he doesn't have zoom. but i suppose that's my problem, not his. battery runs a little too fast for video-ing though. and, wall-e had a scratch on his new screen protector. *sad face*

alrights. i'm actually looking forward to start blogging about the trip and sharing it with whoever's interested, but before that, i guess i'd better start to filter and edit the 700+ photos. =\ till then! ^o^



  1. Over 700 photos! That is amazing. I'm glad you had a great time. I have not been able to get away for a long while now and I would love to go somewhere. I don't eat pork anymore but can you tell me what it is about pork that you hate so much or is it just the taste? Even though I don't eat pork anymore I still love the smell of bacon.

  2. oooh hope you get your chance to go away and enjoy yourself very soon! :)

    i don't really like the feeling of eating any meat (except certain seafood) but pork seems to taste extra bad to me. i admit they smell really good though. lol.


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