Sunday, October 23, 2011

rilakkuma says hi!

SSD finally fixed the rilakkuma iphone cover which wasn't working earlier on. cute right? :P it's apparently very famous in taiwan at the moment. they call it 啦啦熊.

had an small early celebration cos i'll be stuck in class during my birthday next friday. boo. SSD appeared at my doorstep in the morning with...

lol but he already told me he'll be buying them surprise! =( /muacks.

went to watch real steel. definitely recommended if you haven't watched it yet. pretty exciting and heartwarming in the end. quite cool to see robots fighting and behaving so human-like too. i almost thought atom had human feelings. /scary.

then it's nihon mura again for dinner. we tried the seafood teppanyaki; totally not worth @ $12 (2 scallops, 1 shrimp, 1 salmon slice, some mushrooms, and some veggies only). it was very fun though. =\

came home and found out mum bought a new coffee maker. you only need to add water, insert the little cups, and voila~! lovely coffee! i tried the cappuccino; definitely better than 3-in-1. they have mocha, espresso and latte too.

but i'm guessing it's gonna be a temporary thing. lol. alrights, back to my show. seafood dinner tomorrow. more food pics! ^o^


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