Sunday, September 23, 2012

lesson number two.

my second riding lesson was horrifyingly embarrassing. >.<

step 1, mount the horse. we had a short briefing where a video was shown. what the video showed - place foot on stirrup, pull yourself up, and gently sit on the saddle. what i did - struggle to reach the stirrup (i blame the restrictive material of my jeans), pull/climb/hoist/drag myself up the horse, and plopping ungraciously on the saddle, and already 滿頭大汗. THEY LIED! and i was the last to mount. T_T

oh by the way four of us each had a horse, with one main instructor mike and four indian 'assistant' instructors. so mike came around and said my stirrups were too short and i had to lengthen them. i looked at my assistant instructor, he looked back at me, before i weakly muttered, "uh help?" -_- fml.

honestly i really think my assistant instructor could be a little more helpful. like, it doesn't take a genius to see that it's my first time. nor does sniggering help. nor watching me silently while i struggle with the reins. i probably got more help from my neighbour's assistant instructor than mine. tsk.

so anyway, we were led around the area for a brief walk. for first-timer me, it was a rather interesting and exciting experience. the trot was a little more scary though. super hard to keep my balance!

step 2, steering the horse. this is total madness, and so very very difficult! after walking around in circles, in which i didn't learn anything because the horse was being led all the way, they unleashed the horses and we had to try on our own. that wasn't too embarrassing since it was so messy.

then, he lined us up, put cones in front, and we had to weave in and out. this part made me totally wanna dig a hole and stick my head in. the other three horses went straight, whilst mine crashed unceremoniously into the other lane(s) and everyone stopped to look. FML FML FML! either i didn't pull hard enough, or the horse was being uncooperative. went a few times and it happened all the time! well, at least i managed to get it back to starting point. hais.

if that's not enough, we were told to train our balance by turning 360 degrees (a few times) on the horse without our hands touching it. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE YOU TELL ME?! i don't believe the rest didn't use their hands. but mike seemed to focus on me only. and i was the last to complete this again so everyone was probably looking at me. can die of embarrassment lor. i blame my jeans again. =\

step 3, dismount. this is the easiest and the only thing i can do correctly and without being the last one. guess i was too eager to have both feet on the ground fml. and so, end of a horrible lesson two. let's hope the rest will be better. =(

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