Sunday, September 2, 2012

of bugis, milly's, and cocoichibanya

yesterday SSD showed up under my block with these. it was our 33rd month-sary. muacks. =)

then we headed to bugis. for shopping. imagine squeezing around in bugis street with this. 
anyway, we spent a couple of hours shopping and i ended up with 3 tops and 2 belts. mad happy cos i spent less than 50 bucks on all those. but either i'm getting old, or the fashion is getting weird. i can't seem to find normal-looking clothes nowadays. too much korean influence these days. haish. one thing i learnt though - if you see something at a stall but for some reason can't buy it, walk around and you'll find the same thing at another stall. #truestory

passed by milly's and saw that they had an on-going promotion for gelish at $20. many bloggers raved about them so i thought $20 was a good bargain. i thought. 

firstly, a lot of times i couldn't really understand what the manicurist was mumbling. secondly, there were 2 obvious bumps on 2 of the nails but she just left them there. i mean, it's okay if you can't draw very well, but isn't smooth nail polish application the most basic skill? -_-''' maybe i'm too perfectionist, maybe i was only doing a promotional item or maybe i went to the wrong outlet, but i think i'll stick to my usual summer sweet nails instead.

hung out at coffee bean before dropping by cocoichibanya for their curry rice again! SSD chose the cream mushroom omelette but i decided to try something different this time. had the seafood curry (level 2) with less rice and extra cold tuna! the spice level was just nice and it had prawns, scallops, and lots of clams. one lovely satisfying sinful expensive dinner. ^^

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