Wednesday, September 26, 2012

questioning my sanity.

i realize i never complained much about GBA as compared to RT. and i think i know why.

majority of my time at RT were happy - great colleagues, fun project team, many interesting things to learn (boss sucks but never mind) etc etc. so any thing that pisses me off would deal me a blow and i would blog to vent it out. here at GBA, things are the opposite - totally crap colleagues and boring jobscope. 95% of my past 8 months here has been pissed off and miserable, and the happy 5% is when i leave the office for the day. if i were to vent about GBA, i can probably do a daily essay. lol.

so, friday will be my last day and i cannot express how absolutely relieved and glad i am. even though i'll be jobless after that. desperate for that good news i want. but still, this is the one last issue i have with GBA - having to plan your own farewell lunch. and even more so having to pay for it. -_-

yep. i was asked to arrange the lunch. and to give a treat. seriously, if i'm that unwelcome i could do without everything and just leave quietly on the last day. also not that i can't afford it nor mind buying some stuff back for the people here. but that's a separate issue. you can't just say "oh we'll have a farewell lunch for you" and then "you go arrange it" and "so what are you going to treat us?" it's just......plain rude isn't it?!

of cos, unless it's the norm nowadays then i apologize for feeling this way. i could also, supposingly, take it as a joke and claim back. but if it wasn't meant as a joke (it sure doesn't look like one), then i would appear as rude as them, so i'm not going to do it.

oh wells. let's just hope things will get better after friday.

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