Sunday, September 30, 2012


do not make the same mistake as me. horse-riding, is hard. VERY hard.

but i must say, this 3rd lesson went quite alright. no big problems mounting and dismounting (trackpants are definitely easier) and weaving the horse through the cones went surprisingly well. i got the same horse instructor as last week ("oh no, not again" went through my head when i saw him -_-), but i stood beside zhu and got quite a lot of help from her instructor instead.

the biggest problem this lesson, was trotting. i definitely had trouble getting the horse to trot, even after using the whip. i blame my soft-heartedness. and then after the horse started trotting, i had trouble keeping balance. and standing. you see, you had to follow the horse's trot rhythm and stand up. i couldn't figure out when to stand since i was already bouncing up and down. -_-'''

and i think i embarrassed myself again when mike told us to bend down and touch the cones on the floor. it was like, 2 metres away and even with mike holding on my leg the other side, i still couldn't reach the cone. he kept telling me to try and i was like, try your head i'm gonna fall off liao! i was practically horizontal to the ground already, and in the midst of it, i let out a scream. FML i seriously think mike hates me. although i firmly believe none of us managed since it was honestly physically impossible. unless you're spiderman. tsk.

i wonder what we're gonna do for the next four lessons, if we're up to trotting already. i really hope not jumping, cos i will surely fall off the horse. >_<


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