Thursday, September 27, 2012

[sponsored review] hadanomy aquaplacenta mist

sana has launched a new range of hydrating skincare products from hadanomy - the aquaplacenta (blue) series, and i was lucky to get a bottle for review. i had asked for (and got) the mist as it seems cooler and more refreshing as compared to lotions or creams. it's also easier to apply (cos i'm lazy lol).

apparently, this is a new formala revised from their previous range of hadanomy collagen (pink) series. in case you don't know, collagen is a type of protein that connects and supports body tissues such as skin, bones, and muscles. it works hand-in-hand with keratin to provide the skin with strength, flexiblility and resilience. which is why it's such an importance substance to fight visible effects of aging!

hadanomy has:
♥ 1000mg of micro collagen
♥ 3 kinds of moisturizing ingredients - hyaluronic acid, acerola extract, and honey which provides a moisturizing effect without feeling too sticky
♥ no colorant
♥ no mineral oil
♥ been patch-tested / non-comedogenic-tested
♥ a subtle natural aroma fragrance
♥ THREE kinds of collagen!!
   - shield collagen, to help firm skin with moisture
   - micro collagen, to help fully firm and plump skin
   - nano collagen, to help blend smoothly with deep penetration of collagen

and in this revised series, they have added a new ingredient - aquaplacenta! i'm sure everyone's heard of placenta, the most common being sheep/lamb placenta. sounds a bit er xin, but it is typically believed to reduce appearance of wrinkles, hydrate skin, reduce skin sagging, reduce appearance of freckles and blemishes, as well as regulate the amount of oil produced. so many benefits!

i'm pescetarian (not that it matters), and as the name suggests, aqua means it comes from marine (a.k.a seafood lol) instead of mammals. how fitting! ^^

aquaplacenta is extracted from the hokkaido salmon's ovary. it is safer as fishes are less prone to plagues and are not injected with drugs such as antibiotics. fish scale-origin collagen is also less polluted by toxic substances and more easily absorbed into the body. besides reinforcing the above placenta benefits, aquaplacenta also helps to treat and heal damaged skin!

the mist! (i believe it retails for $22.90.)

i tried it for a week, spraying it morning and night as the first step of skincare. actually debated whether to try it or not, as i had returned to seeing my skin doctor for treatment recently. but i'm glad i did.
♥ first (and most obvious) thing i noticed was the fragrance. it smells so nice, somewhere along the lines of sweet and fruity. a little bit like lychee actually. too bad it doesn't last lols.
♥ i noticed (right from the second use) that my subsequent toner and medicated gel seem to get absorbed faster and better. makeup glides and stays on better too.
♥ skin is more moisturized and slightly less oily. i think.
♥ i still get new pimples, but i don't think the purpose of the mist is to treat pimples so i guess that's fine. but hopefully after prolonged use, it can help to lighten the leftover scars.
♥ nice and refreshing to cool my skin after a hot bath or wake me up in the morning.

can't wait to see its long term effects! :D

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