Monday, October 8, 2012

halfway there

last weekend was my fourth riding lesson. 3 more to go!

this lesson was my favorite one so far. i got rocket, one of the recommended horses. i think he is probably more experienced and therefore more familiar with the training sessions and easier to control. like during the trotting runs, i think he steered himself. LMAO!

but most importantly, we got a new instructor! bye mike, hope i don't see you again. lols. i sound so bad but there's such an obvious difference in both instructors that i'm really hoping not to get mike again.

♥ we got an indian instructor this time, which meant he could communicate better with the individual horse handlers and give them clearer instructions. 
♥ he called us by our names, which certainly felt more encouraging than mike who called us by our horses' names! many times i didn't even know mike was calling me. tsk. 
♥ he made us do leg stretching and strengthening exercises and taught us how to stand properly before combining it with the trot. no more silly touch-the-cone stuff!
♥ i felt that he gave each of us more individual assistance which was definitely more helpful than watching others and not knowing if my mistake is the same as theirs or not.

the horse handlers were also pretty helpful with their tips this lesson. no more karthik (my handler for the past 2 lessons)! i only came across him once during the runs where he tried to say something to me but i ignored cos i couldn't understand him. LOL i'm so bad!

previously i was always eager to dismount but this time i felt sad that the lesson ended so soon. previously i was also a teeny weeny bit reluctant to go cos i don't know what weird stuff i have to do to embarrass myself again. but after this lesson, i feel eager to start next week's lesson! i had a lot of fun and i actually felt myself improve. can't wait to ride again! XD

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