Monday, June 16, 2014

Bunday party at Happy 3 Bites Cafe

I was invited to my very first "Bunday" party last Saturday. Yep you guessed it. Bunday = bunny's birthday. I'm not a bunny owner nor do I know the owners personally so obviously we (my AC partner Eze and I) were invited because we previously did AC for them.

Anyway, here's Rizzo. Managed to sneak a couple of pics. That little bandana looks super cute on him eh? :)

Some of the rabbits were hopping around freely in the fenced-up area while others were just nua-ing in their owners' arms. Quite an interesting experience. Except for the hair that was flying around and making my face and eyes itch lol. Think some bunny was shedding. Oops.

It was held at Happy 3 Bites Cafe, near Outram. Which was super duper far and inconvenient for me. Quite a pity cos the food was good and affordable. I had their shrooms aglio and IT WAS SO YUMMY! Lots of juicy mushrooms and garlic! I like my aglio with lots of garlic hehe. I later had their chocolate waffle and their rainbow (birthday) cake. Not bad too! I liked the chocolate in between those rainbow slices. And...that's our goodie bag. With the cute mini macaroons. ^^

And as expected, we had to do some AC (animal communication) sessions too. Quite stressful for me as I've never done it in 'public' before. Thankfully I managed to get some accurate readings in the first session, though it all went haywire after the cake-cutting. Either I have to work on my concentration skills, or I can only do AC when my mind isn't preoccupied. Le sigh.

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