Monday, June 30, 2014

15 fun facts you probably don't know about Tampopo

Lol I'm feeling bored at work so I shall attempt to do this.
  1. Popo is adopted! From who I shan't publicize, but close friends know. 
  2. She's a pedigree Papillon.
  3. She was imported from Japan. 
  4. She has an official show name - XX Ring Leader. I cannot reveal "XX" because then everyone will know where she came from. No, it's not Xiaxue lmao. 
  5. She's a mommy. 
  6. Tampopo means dandelion (蒲公英) in Japanese. Not the damned ramen.
  7. She shares the same birth day and month as my mum. Obviously not the year.
  8. She has a sensitive butt that doesn't like to be patted by other people. 
  9. She's a fussy complain queen. She doesn't look like it I know. I've given up trying to please her.
  10. She knows I think she's a bitch but she still loves me. Lol!
  11. (According to my mum) She gets embarrassed when she mistakes someone else as me coming home. Cute.
  12. She's raw fed. Hahaha everyone knows this!
  13. She doesn't like taking photos. But do I care? :P
  14. She doesn't like being carried. Or put in a bag. Sometimes got no choice. =/
  15. She doesn't like interacting with other dogs, but is okay with other Papillons.
 That's all~! Lol I had wanted to do 20, but couldn't think of any more. =P

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