Monday, January 25, 2010


i was coming down the escalator when i had this weird fuzzy feeling. then it suddenly dawned upon me, so this is pak-tor-ing. is this what i've been missing out in the past? 謝謝你,SSD. :)

... ...

guess where?

hahas. went vivo and watched hachiko! the dog's super super cute! (and so is richard gere.) can't remember if the movie followed the book or not, but anyways, i enjoyed it. and so so touching! i liked how the movie ended with some trivia on the actual story. a simple yet meaningful movie. =]

then went 'rooftop'. can see sentosa IR leh! saw the tops of far far away castle, and the roller coaster! i so wanna see the egyptian section! but entrance fee is unreasonably expensive. booo.

sighhh. why is there work tomorrow? T_T


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