Saturday, January 30, 2010

sway 到極點

super x100 bad day today!

early in the morning, i was trying to move the stack of drawings that hel had commented on in yesterday's meeting. when i don't know what happened, it slipped out of my hands and fell all over the floor, successfully breaking my last fingernail in the process. was horrified at how deep the nail broke. snipped off the broken nail, stared at the rest, and snipped all of them short. sb heartpain since i was keeping them for CNY. and did i mention the nailbed bled? =(

was looking forward to nights out in town with SSD, to cheer me up. when he said he was STILL sick. i suggested meeting him for dinner at kovan, which was near his place. was already damn sian. after that he said he would go see a doc. so i suggested he stay at home then. damn f***king sian liao.

then 媽 snatched a piece of paper through my fingers, and it neatly sliced quite a deep cut in between. damn pain when it comes in contact with water. >.< i know not her fault; just damn unlucky.

felt so lost when i actually didn't know where to go after work. sbs.

and the last straw came when hel seemed to push all the blame to me when it's f***king obvious it wasn't my fault. i don't understand how it can be "i know it's not your MISTAKE..." when she thought it was me who sent the email, to "i won't say that it's a MISTAKE..." when she found out it was actually CH who sent it. so obvious she's on his side. i don't really give a damn if they're into 姐弟戀, but i wish she could be more professional. -_-

and worked till 8plus. so not fun.

please let there not be any hiccups tomorrow. *crosses fingers and toes*


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