Monday, January 11, 2010

i miss cher. already.

lols. met her and zhu for dinner @ imm yesterday. i like girly dinners like this. we sat at coffee club for a good 3 hours, just eating, talking and laughing. mad loves. =)

let's talk about the food first. zhu's fish n chips were rather normal, according to her. and i didn't try cher's mustard chicken sandwich, but it sure looked good! salad is nice. oh and their fries also tastes exceptionally nice. or maybe we just happened to have fries craving yesterday. lols.

i settled for panfried (dory) fish, with pasta in lobster bisque sauce. absolutely yummilicious i tell you! especially that sauce! add cheese flakes to that and you have one super-sinful-but-totally-worth-it dinner. *drools*

price-wise, pretty affordable. and the best part? that outlet is almost empty, on a saturday night! guarantee got seats. lol.

i wonder when's the next time we can crap nonsense like this together. they say absence makes the heart grow fonder? i agree. knowing that it'll gonna be 6 months later before i can see her again (even though we usually don't meet very often). that hug so nearly made me cry. awwwwww. so gonna miss her. take care girl!

... ...

hmmmm. went marina barrage again today, equipped with lots of sushi for lunch/dinner. the first time we went, it had rained. this time, it was so so so hot instead. the wind didn't exactly pick up until the late afternoon. so yeah, hot and sticky. =P but still loads of people, and even more so in the shade.

not much things to do since it was only two of us. so just slacked and then headed home. lols.

but i likes. :)

... ...

love his voice!


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