Friday, January 29, 2010

what is fair?

i find that so sweet. ^^

i should have taken up his offer. cos it was almost 830pm when we reached singpost and i was so so starving! >.< all thanks to the 'last minute' 2-hour admin meeting with hel. again.

1 and a half year ago, i really believed it when she said we could go to her if we had problems. 1 and a half year later, i realized - she was the root of our problems. i learned not to bring up anything at meetings cos any problems we faced, she would find a way to rebuke and make it seem like it is our fault.

especially ever since the manager CH came on board, she depended on him for practically everything. it pissed me off that at today's meeting, she actually became very agitated and defended him so strongly when accounts side brought up some problems they had with him. 親愛的 was about to cry already and she continued pressing her without even giving her a chance to explain.

so angry! shouldn't she be on our admin side instead of project's side? she still had the cheek to say "i'm not trying to protect anyone, but you must try to understand his situation and empathize." like F lor. so who's gonna empathize us? -_- and she made it sound like we're not busy at all lor. zzZz.

all 5 of us were grumbling as we walked out, continued grumbling on the bus there, and all throughout dinner as well. super super fun venting our frustrations together, poking fun at the 四角關係 of the management, and stuff like that. if there's anything good about hel, it would be bonding us together.

lols. the meeting had turned our steamboat dinner into sushi dinner but i don't mind. i could satisfy my sushi craving, and it's cheaper! not even ten bucks for a super full dinner. uber shiok! :D i love the suki group. boycott sakae!!

... ...

why does time pass so fast? am getting pretty freaked out by sunday. O_o


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