Wednesday, January 20, 2010

why me?!?

debated whether to post this or not, cos i know rants about work isn't exactly interesting. and if i password-protect it, concerned people like SSD and gary would probably dig it out from me, which i don't particularly like. (it's protected for a reason!)

but then, heck, it's my blog. and if i can't post what's on my mind on my own blog, then what's the point?

so yes. i'm going to rant. about work. now.

1. my engineer moved my scaffolding without informing me. so it becomes my fault? he informs supplier to collect only half of the scaffolds, even after i told him i had arranged for them to collect ALL. so it becomes my fault?

2. subcon brings parts of it to another site without informing. AND when he's not supposed to. my fault also? he refuses to return it nor pay the charges. my fault? and does that give him the right to scold and shout at me because it's supposedly 'my fault'?

and the best part? why am i the one to answer for it to the higher management?

it may not involve a huge sum of money, but it's one of those times where i feel so frustrated cos i have to clear up the mess (urgently) and it seems like everyone is washing their hands off it. i hate feeling helpless.

guess what? bad luck doesn't stop here. was so looking forward to swimming and steaming, and it had to rain. well done.

mood was totally rockbottom and demoralized. i think i kinda took it out on SSD, who was already feeling not too good. i feel so guilty now! reminds me of how i used to behave back then. hais. guess i just have to make it up to him and hope he won't be too mad at me.

thinking of work tomorrow - very demoralized.
looking at course fees - very very demoralized.



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