Saturday, January 2, 2010

happy new year!

abit too late now, but happy 2010!! probably a slightly longer post today, if i can finish it. lol.

abit sian-ed on thursday afternoon. we totally didn't have any mood to work lor. so we decided to tear down the xmas tree. and slack around, praying for boss to say early dismissal. and then at 3.30, A calls up with an order for aluminium scaffolding. and he wants it on Monday. managed to find, and made preparations. then CH calls at 4 to change it to metal scaffolding. as well as the report for sentosa. -_-

and then guess what? boss calls up with early dismissal. hais. panic mode liao. don't wanna go into details, but luckily i had it all settled. gotta thank 媽 and PL for waiting while i rushed things out. hais. i hate last minute.

headed down Central for dinner and settled for waraku. i had the normal seafood ramen while SSD had seafood 拌飯.

at first i kinda regretted getting the ramen, cos it looked so unappetizing and well, normal. lol. i guess it tasted quite alright though. most interesting thing would probably be this.

lol. slacked at riverside for awhile.

liked the breeze, but don't like the crowd. =P

after that walked to esplanade. i think it was only 9 plus, but there were loads of people already 'camping' there for the fireworks. managed to get a 'front seat', and we joined them. lols.

bored. so tested cam.

and spent the rest of the time playing crayon physics. lols.

thank god we went early to wait, cos if we were late, we'd probably be stuck behind some bangala and unable to see the fireworks as comfy (at least for me) as we had.

satio baby, unfortunately, isn't very good at taking fireworks shots. these are the few i salvaged. pathetic, isn't it? >.<

but super nice, super romantic (at least for me), super happy. :D

after that we waited awhile for the crowd to clear, and by the time a path appeared, it was almost 1am? lol. walked down to ocbc and continued to wait for the crowd to clear. cold cold place, so...

...SSD's craving in the middle of the night.

retreated to another warmer corner and slacked to 5 plus. (kena chased off by a freaking big cockroach.) then went down raffles place for the first train. there were soo many people sleeping there lor. *amused* first train was practically full of zombies who probably hadn't slept the whole night. lol. and so totally sehhhed when i reached home at 7 plus. tsk.

(first time staying out the whole night, and i'm surprised dad isn't pissed. lol.)

after the very nice warm bath and not-long-enough nap, i headed out again. to watch avatar. like, FINALLY?! thanks to internet booking, we got nice back row seats, and i so enjoyed the movie. don't know how to describe, just super nice!! hahas. i wish a world like that existed. am not happy that the lady pilot (didn't catch her name) died though. whhhhyyyyy?!

tsk. had nihon mura before that. love that potato salad! :D

and as 1st jan marks our one month......










am surprised that he actually took the trouble to get the 'must-reserve-de' and expensive blue roses i like so much. =)

... ...

right. back to the more serious stuff now. lol.

last year's new year resolutions:

  1. to complete my set of twilight saga, plus midnight sun (when it comes out) and all their soundtracks and dvds. errrrrr...

  2. do NOT get hooked on rock music, even though they sound oh-so-lovely in twilight. nope! not hooked! yet.

  3. try to stop my obsession with twilight and rob pattinson. ironic. stopped.

  4. lose weight. and i seem to have this one every year. yes but not enough.

  5. try not to lose my temper at work. uh huh. er..reduced considerably.

  6. don’t spend randomly. cancel this. i give up.

so. which brings us to......this year's resolutions!

  1. lose weight (into 3rd year now)

  2. put in more effort in work, regardless of whether i'll be doing projects or sales

  3. balance time for family and SSD (cos family is complaining. lol.)

hmmm. not so many for this year. perhaps because all has been pretty smooth-sailing so far. *crosses fingers and toes*

meeshell is a happy girl.


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