Thursday, January 14, 2010

yes i know.

my temper is bad. but let's analyse it again and see if it can be justifiable.

[before that, i have to say that my mood was temporarily elevated when i was doing OT and SSD appeared outside my office. pleasantly surprised. ^^]

was in a totally bad mood the whole day cos of the sicc issue. first thing, design fail. if you wrap yourself in a long-sleeved turtleneck sweater and long pants and go walking under the sun, how not to feel hot you tell me? second thing, ever heard of anyone who wants to play tennis but don't want to get hot and sweaty? damn lame. third thing, i know you have money, but to throw complaints after complaints just because you cannot tahan a couple of degrees hotter? you're making a big fool of yourself you know that?

shan't delve into bigger monetary issues, but these little things are enough to piss me off. contract says we build this, so we build. contract did not say we have to pacify these big babies. i hate wasting so much time and effort for spoiled kids like that.

maybe it IS a little wrong of me to spend the whole day complaining on msn to 媽. as well as the string of vulgarities we exchanged. but hey, ever wondered, why us? project side, anything we kena. payment side, anything we kena. admin side, also we kena. purchase side, also we kena. jb factory side, ALSO US LEH! it's like, we're at the frontline to any shit that comes lor. and anything that passes through us becomes nice and pretty for them.

i don't know lah. i'm so not the suffer-in-silence type. why should i 委屈 myself when i'm not in the wrong?

just like that accident just now. SSD probably don't like me anymore, but why should we stand there and let him shout at us when very obviously it's not our fault? tsk. but since SSD's so cool about it, then i shall be a good girl and not lament so much. hmmmm.

but i will always stick to what i have learnt since young - if you don't stand up for yourself, no one else will. =)


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