Monday, March 17, 2014

Hong Kong Day 3 - Macau

Rise and shine! This time, we had breakfast at a nearby cha chan teng. Their breakfast sets cost HKD 30 each and comes with a bowl of noodles, bread, and drink. Sounds a little expensive for just maggi mee. But I super enjoyed my macaroni (even though there's ham). I seriously wouldn't mind having this every day lol. 

Then we headed into Macau! Took to MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui Station and the China Ferry Terminal was about 10-15 mins away. We planned to take TurboJet but unfortunately tickets were sold out and the next one was quite a long wait. So we had to get them from another agency, which charged slightly higher. Lesson learnt - book earlier. =X

The 1-hour ferry ride was a little more bearable cos I managed to fall asleep. And woke up to Macau's slight drizzle and freezing winds. Sobs.

After passing through immigrations (Macau is another country so don't forget your passport), we took a free shuttle bus out. Most of the casinos offer free transport. Just cross the road (via underpass) and there you go, bus interchange!

On the way to Venetian.

I suppose it's a grandest hotel in Macau? To be honest I don't find it breathtaking, but I just brought SSD here to 见识见识. At least now he can say he has seen the fake skies at Venetian lol.

Our next destination was the Macau Tower. We planned to take the bus there, but couldn't find the damn bus stop. So we took a cab. Fare was quite reasonable I suppose; not exactly cheap but not exorbitantly high either.

Too tall to take in one shot so have to split into two. Main purpose of coming here was just because of Running Man. LMAO! It's supposedly the tallest bungee jump in the world. Song Ji Hyo is so brave! =|

The building next to it is actually a convention hall. Nothing much to see there. Oh yeah there's a Toys R Us there. Luckily for us, the bus stop is right outside. And fares are quite cheap; less than HKD 4! However, make sure you know the name of the bus stop you're supposed to alight at, and check the bus number from the bus stop. The drivers don't seem to know. =X 

Old streets of Macau! And a Portuguese egg tart from a random shop. Cos we were hungry and cold. HKD 10, not too bad. 

Next destination - A-Ma Temple.

We came just because it's a tourist attraction haha. Didn't explore much cos we didn't have much time. Near the entrance there was this tree with windchimes around it. If you can't see, it states 百年夫妻树, loosely translated as Hundred-Year-Old Husband & Wife tree. LOL. We hung one up too. =)

Took the bus again to our next destination - Senado Square. Along the way, we came across this tiny stall and had lunch there. Not too bad. Bill came up to around HKD 60. I really miss the cheap and good food in Taiwan!

We realized there were street signs for places of interest, so it wasn't very hard to navigate our way around. Was more interested in the shops around the square than the fountain.

Pork buns are supposedly famous in Macau as well. We got one from a random stall. Tasted quite normal. Sorry I don't know where is the famous one.

St. Dominic's Church. :)

Followed the street signs and we finally reached the place where I wanted to go - Ruins of St. Paul's. I think it's something like the icon of Macau; haven't been here = haven't been to Macau.

View from the top.

Then walked to the nearby Macau Museum! Mainly because I was frozen. Entrance fee is HKD 15 each I think. It was pretty empty inside, and just as cold as out. Sad.

On our way back to the ferry terminal, we spent some time at Koi Kei, probably Macau's most famous bakery. I had thought the stuff would be "fresher" if we bought them on the last day instead. I learnt my lesson. PLEASE BUY THEM AT MACAU!! It's much cheaper there. =X

Ferry back was extremely choppy due to the strong winds. Cancelled our plans for Symphony of Lights again. I think we just bought instant noodles and chips back for dinner. 

Oh and picked up the strawberry bed I ordered from Megapet. ^^ Only loot for the day.

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