Friday, March 21, 2014

[sponsored review] 2B Alternative Into Arm & Body

A week ago, I received 2 tubes of 2B Alternative Into Arm & Body slimming lotion, supposed to help burn fat in tummy and arms. Exactly what I needed. Yay!

My take on it: I absolutely love the scent! It smells very herbal and natural, unlike some of the other I've used which smelt pretty chemical-ish. Texture was a bit sticky, which made it harder to spread. But I like that it gets absorbed very fast and leaves NO trace of stickiness. There was a slight heating sensation as well; not too uncomfortable though. However...I haven't seen much results yet. Although to be fair, it's only been a week and I haven't exactly been very religious in applying it. =X

Let's hope it gets better with time.


  1. I have been using 2B Arm & Body too, I am also happy that it really helps to firm up my flabby arms. I love the warm sensation when I applied it on my tummy.

  2. I also like the smell & texture of this gel. I have been using it on & off for a few months to keep my arms & tummy firm.

  3. Hi, do you need to massage for very long for the gel to be absorbed into the skin?


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