Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hong Kong Day 4 - Tim Ho Wan, Avenue of Stars, & shopping!

Today is Tim Ho Wan day! Was soooo looking forward! We went to the one at IFC mall since it was nearer where we wanted to go today. Reached about 10+ in the morning, and there was a short queue already. Luckily we only had to wait for about 5-10 minutes. 

We ordered so much stuff! Didn't try the chicken feet so no comment, but the rest were nice! Especially the carrot cake and prawn siew mai and glutinous rice! As for the cheong fun, I still preferred the crispy one from 点点心.

Total bill came up to HKD 207, quite cheap for a Michelin star restaurant! ^^

Cancelled our plans for Lamma Island cos the winds were terrible outside. So we went shopping! Decided on Temple Street cos we read there were electronic stuff. It wasn't open yet unfortunately, so we walked (yes walked) to Langham Place. Took us about 20 minutes?

Langham Place is right beside Mongkok MTR, and is supposedly a 15-storey shopping mall with more than 200 shops. I didn't find it particularly interesting though.

Can't really remember which one came first, but I think we went to this shopping mall in the area that sold electronic stuff. Wasn't very interesting haha. Also managed to find some random pasar malam to shop. Then had late lunch - 车仔面, something like yong tou foo here. And SSD's curry fishballs and sharks' fin. HKD 67 just for these. T_T

I think we went to the Avenue of Stars next. It's within walking distance from Tsim Sha Tsui Station. It was absolutely a nightmare to be there. The winds were SO strong and SO cold. I did manage to get a long skirt to cover up but it wasn't of much use here. 

In the end I hid behind pillars while SSD braved the winds and took pictures. We didn't explore the whole area either. And no, definitely not staying for Symphony of Lights. =(

Last but not least - SSD's Temple Street. It's just like Ladies' Market, except that there were more electronic stuff there.

I think we walked up and down the street a couple of times, and SSD finally decided we could have dinner. Lol. I read that Temple Street is also supposedly famous for the many 大牌挡, but we didn't know which one to go to. Came across this lok kok but super crowded one. Authentic enough le gua? We also copied how the locals used the tea to wash the bowls. So TVB!

I think it was around HKD 160+? Prices weren't cheap but we both got a shock when the dishes arrived. Portion was huge! And very yummy too! Love love love the eggs. Lol. Dabao-ed some back for supper. =X

Loots for the day!

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