Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pet Expo 2014

Yesterday we went to our first pet exhibition - Pet Expo 2014. To be honest, it was......disappointing. =X

We were lucky to be able to get a parking lot as soon as we arrived, and the ticket queue wasn't very long. ($3 per pax by the way.) But the exhibition was very small. Much much smaller than I had expected. And the booths didn't exactly interest me at all. Was there for the agility, but it was so boring that we left halfway. 

And just before we were about to leave the exhibition, we came across the Feeding Our Pets seminar, so we sat in. Big mistake. Halfway through the lesson, we realized he was promoting......KIBBLES! *bang wall* He asked if anyone was feeding kibbles, and it totally shocked me that majority of the people there raised their hands! Someone asked about HCF and raw, and he came up with excuses to discourage them. He went on to say that kibbles are very important for dental health. What a load of bullshit! And when he asked if anyone felt that kibbles was better than HCF or raw, PEOPLE RAISED THEIR HANDS OMFG!

I wished he asked if anyone was feeding raw. Then I'd have proudly raised my hand and shout out how I think kibbles are total rubbish however premium they claim to be (even my grandmother sees that easily), and how I will never ever go back to kibbles again. Switching to raw was the best decision I ever made. It's just SO OBVIOUS from everything that kibbles are bad bad bad, why on earth is a vet still promoting it?! Sheesh. 

Only thing I agree with him - food topics are controversial.

Anyway, we went around the booths twice. Since I was raw feeding, the kibbles didn't interest me at all. Nor did the supplements and grooming stuff. I was only looking for treats and toys. Then we figured since we'll be going to Hong Kong (tomorrow!), we could probably get the toys there cheaper. So this was all we got! (She just decided to get into the picture too lol.)

Happi Doggy dental chews (bought on impulse), beef lungs, deer liver, and deer sinew! Pity deer heart was sold out. Really glad since I don't get these often. (Beef lung maybe, but where can I get deer meat?!) I think raw is still better than dehydrated or freeze-dried, but these shall work as treats I guess. *shrugs* Got a happy tails bath replacement too. Gonna use it to clean her after walkies. It smells soooo good!

Overall, while I'm disappointed at the booths (or lack of) at the exhibition, I'll still go for the next one because of Popo. She met one of her Papillon friends too! =)


  1. I have to agree, it was disappointing for me too! I got nothing except a chew toy which was destroyed by Cookie within minutes due to the poor quality. Regretted not bringing Cookie along as I thought the cab fare could be saved to buy things for him from the pet expo but who knows. Shall bring him along next year, since now I know. See you next year! :D


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