Monday, March 24, 2014

Popo's raw menu =)

So, I thought it'll be fun to document and show you guys Popo's menu for a week. But do note, she has been on raw for almost a year already, and can take a larger variety of meat. If you're just starting out, best to start with just one protein and add on one by one. Organs come much later.

I don't follow the same menu every week. It wouldn't be easy to do so too, since I randomly pack the meat and randomly take them out. If you get what I mean. I put together her meal based on weight. Most people would tell you to feed 2-3% of the dog's weight, but that's just a guide. Once you know your dog, you can adjust it accordingly. Popo currently weighs 2.7kg, and takes about 95-100g of food daily to maintain her weight. That's about 3.7%. I have to exercise her regularly though; if not she'll starting putting on weight.

If you don't know, the standard ratio is 80-10-5-5. 80% of meat, 10% of bone, 5% of liver, and 5% of some other organ. Again, that's just a guide. Popo takes about 75% of meat, 15% of bone, 4% of liver, and 5% of kidney. The remaining 1% goes to the freeze-dried deer liver treats she gets. It's not difficult to monitor; I've done up an excel sheet and I just have to input her daily meal. Sounds tedious? Sorry I think it's fun. ^^

Every dog is different so don't just follow blindly. Here goes!

Day 1

Day 2 

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

There you go, all 7 days! :)

I think I'm a little in between PMR and BARF, cos I know most PMR people don't chop the meat so small. But Popo's a gulper and she'd try to swallow it whole. Rather than see her choke and bring it back up, I'd rather do the job for her. She gets her chewing exercise from the bones. Having said that, I realized that she has also learnt to eat slowly and chomp as compared to when she first came. I happy! Lol.

Recently I came to realize how controversial this food topic is; had a little debate with one of the old members of the dog industry. It didn't exactly end off very well, but I guess haters are always gonna hate. It's really up to the individual whether to believe in raw feeding or not. 

For me, 'fresh' raw meat for a carnivore makes more sense than overly-processed bits of i-don't-know-what. You? 


  1. Having a dog is like having a child. No matter what we do or feed them, people will always add in comments and suggestions here and there. As long as we know we're not harming our own dogs/kids and think it's what we know is the best, there's no need to listen to them.

    At the end of the day, they are still alive and healthy~
    This will prove to the others that think otherwise on what you fed Popo :D

    1. True. We just want the best for the kids. :)


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