Thursday, December 8, 2011


first stop: boon lay

went for my free trial facial at jurong point's new york skin solutions. i know i know, lots of negative reviews. but since it was free and worth $300+, why not? lol.

so it started off with a skin analysis, which was actually my main reason for going. wasn't expecting good skin, but definitely not expecting it to be this bad. i think in a way, what she said was true. doctors only help to clear whatever they see on the surface. my previous dermatologists never use the skin scanner thingy so i always thought my skin was recovering. looks like i still have a lot to do. oh and she said i have combination skin, whereas 8-11 clinic doc told me i have oily. so how? =(

anyway, the treatment started off with double cleansing, then some cooling mask, and then pore extraction. which was like super duper @*&#)% painful!! i kept thinking "aren't you not supposed to squeeze your pimples? so why are you poking my face?" but then i recalled SSD's mum was a beautician, and she helped SSD poke his pimples too. so i 忍 lor.

after that, she applied a thick layer of collagen thingy and did some eye massage, which wasn't exactly a good idea cos i was wearing contacts. the final part of the treatment was firstly this thin layer of mask (which stung by the way), then a sheet of gauze, and lastly a thick layer of hardening mask. wasn't really comfortable because it went all the way to the top of my shoulders, and as the mask hardened, it became too heavy for my throat. so i cannot swallow. lol.

results: pores (especially my nose) were visibly cleaner and tighter, although the pore extraction left many red bits all over my face, making me look like i had a horrible breakout. she said it'll go off, so...cross fingers! eyes look a tiny bit brighter too. lol. 

service: they have a reputation for being very pushy but i think this consultant was okay. after all i had made it clear i was a student and my main reason was just for the skin analysis. she didn't sell to me during the treatment too. (p/s. this also considered service i guess. they make you change into their thin robe and blast the aircon. way too cold!! was totally shivering.)

i'll just wait a few days to see how my skin looks, and if it looks better, maybe i'll consider signing them up in future if i got too much money and don't know how to spend. 

second stop: farrer park

in case you haven't been following me on twitter (probably not i guess):

certainly wasn't expecting to get it noting the countless number of people retweeting it. and since i also got a sample from nuffnang (which i had to collect personally), i popped over to their office next. (sidenote: their office is super cosy and homely and the people dress so casually. /major envy.)

third stop: city hall

went to collect somemore stuff, and then it's dinner! i kept telling myself i want to eat bento but when i opened my mouth, i ordered garlic squid instead. oh wells. 

fourth stop: sembawang

what is there at sembawang? home. and what is at home? reports. *&#^% REPORTS!! ok maybe my fault for procrastinating a little until now i only have 1 month to finish 7 reports. @_@

one last bit before i return to the arms of reports. -_-'''

some time ago i attended SSD's brother's housewarming 'party'. since it was obligatory, i could only look forward to playing with their 2 dogs. super lucky doggies cos they're toys and one can only imagine how a maisonette must look like to them. probably like how the forbidden palace must look like to us. =P

okay i exaggerate. my point is, they're so cute! haha no link right?!
i think they're supposed to be called kopi and tehsi. and i finally know how to differentiate them! lol. we were sitting in the living room when tehsi started walking all around with that super cute guilty look on her face (like, head down but big round eyes looking up). and kopi was like, dozing off on SSD's lap during the massage session. his ears are over-sized and stick out more. soooo adorable!

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