Friday, December 30, 2011

DIY nails: simple and sweet

i happened to see (this morning at 2am!) that i have a lot of nail stickers somehow, therefore i decided to do a simple manicure with them. it turned out surprisingly sweet and girly (so not me), so i thought i'd haolian them. LOL.
i know the dots are like, super flawed. i seriously need to get a dotter. but i really like how it appears. it looks better in real life. lol. so tempted to get diamante to bling up my nails this CNY. and also to match my bling bling dress. :D

i keep reminding myself that the degree is for career change and not career advancement, but the starting salary is certainly demoralizing. can i pull through or can i pull through? hais. :(


  1. very nice and love the pastel color with the white deco.

  2. nice ! :) u draw the dots urself ?

  3. yep! use toothpick. lols. but the flowers came off already. super poor quality. =(


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