Saturday, December 31, 2011

bye 2011~

since 2011 farewells and 2012 resolutions have started to appear everywhere, i thought i'll do mine too. even though i should be editing my report now. lol.  

so, 2011 has come to an end. spent the first half complaining about work, and the second half complaining about school. lol. if you didn't know, i quit my job in june/july and took up a part-time degree, and time just flew by! i'm gonna potentially graduate in feb, and then it's gonna be back to work money-making! lol.

2011 was pretty quiet i guess. apart from the trip to taiwan in october where i had fun with wall-e SSD, probably nothing interesting or worth mentioning liao. sobs. 

now after reminiscing about the past, it's time for resolutions again!

here's mine for last year:
1. lose even more weight (for the 4th year!) never lose leh. :( but at least never gain also. lol.
2. get out of comfort zone and find a job which i enjoy don't mind doing. far not yet.
3. stop procrastinating on that diving course (and many other courses for that matter). er...studying considered?
4. make SSD bring me on a further-than-genting trip. yes! taiwan! :)
5. be a vegetarian as much as possible. nope. only managed a pescetarian. except taiwan trip. boo.

this year:
1. attempt to lose weight (or at least maintain), into 5th year now!
2. find a job i like/want/would enjoy, and survive it!
3. to visit genting's strawberry/mushroom/bee/fruit farm (that's the farthest i've planned for this year).
4. reduce expectations of others and try not to get pissed off so often. 忍忍忍!
5. catch up with friends? lol.

not very far-fetched right? ah wells. how are you gonna spend your last day of 2011? i'm gonna spend it lays salt and vinegar chips.

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