Wednesday, December 14, 2011

i live in a world full of people pretending to be something they're not.

have just recently finished some drama series and movies.

curse of the royal harem

the story revolves around an emperor, his mum, his brother, and his 3 ladies. (if you haven't at least started watching the show, you probably won't know what i'm talking about.)
  • 道光帝 - i have never seen a more useless emperor. 'nuff said.
  • empress dowager - evil bitch. lol. she kills her own grandson and gets the emperor hooked on opium. 
  • prince sui - used to be nice and loyal in the early part of the show, but is overcome by revenge and anger in the end. dies together with his former lover, empress no.1.
  • empress no.1 - first time watching myolie wu play the baddie! very evil in the beginning, but turns good after she loses her family and son.
  • empress no.2 - jessica hsuan plays a baddie too! very smart and resourceful. good at first but turns revengeful after losing her family.
  • consort ching - from maid to consort. she was the one who fed opium to the emperor.
i don't remember watching any other shows in which so many characters  develop differently throughout the show. pretty interesting to watch, although you might be like me, cursing the emperor everytime he screws things up. :)

twilight saga: breaking dawn

pretty much below expectations, unfortunately. :(

was looking forward to the wedding scene, but sooo disappointed! the dress was wayy too simple in front, although the back was nice. what's the point of such a big hoo-ha over it? the wedding wasn't really grand as well. they should have followed what was in the book. 

'sex scenes' were PG, though the topic of it came up pretty much all the time. not in a dirty way i suppose, probably because everyone's concerned that edward having sex with bella while she's still human could possibly kill her.

it looks to me that part one of the movie combined parts one and two from the book. i think the show focused too much on bella and edward, they kinda left out jacob. he should have more scenes. but of cos, it could probably be because the version i watched was horribly dark and blur, so i fast-forwarded any parts that were black. lols.

birth scene wasn't that gruesome as i had expected, though the venom (spreading through bella's body) scene was cool. never thought it'll be shown this way.

and the thing i hate most about this movie? it ends right when bella opens her red eyes. I HATE CLIFFHANGERS!! ok not exactly cliffhanger cos i know what happens after that. but still, it's a different thing watching the story unfold as a movie. i really wanna see how they're gonna show bella's power shield. and the last battle! so exciting! breaking dawn, why you break into two parts?! :(

the smurfs

how could i have missed this movie?! :)

it's about how this few smurfs got lost in new york while trying to escape an evil wizard trying to extract their smurf essence  to become more powerful. (by the way i thought the wizard's name was gaga-man, it turned out to be gargamel.)

everything's just so cute and silly and comical and funny. a light, heartwarming movie to watch. :)

when heaven burns

this one is still in process. i had read the brief plot summary and was interested, though the beginning was really boring and i almost gave up.

it's about these 4 young bandmates who went on a mountain trip which ended up with 3 of them killing and eating the other one for survival. they told his girlfriend it was an accident and have since drifted apart. 18 years later, they reconcile, although one of them apparently lost his memory of what happened up on the mountain.

i'm up to episode 14 (out of 30) now, and things are getting interesting cos he finally regained his memory and according to the plot, the remains are going to be found. so, yeah.

if you're gonna watch it, do pay more attention, cos the show alternates between past and present very often, so you might get confused with the people and stuff. i know i did. lols.

... ...

the next movie i'm gonna download watch is almost famous. oh and puss in boots! meow.

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