Monday, December 26, 2011

merry post-christmas!

hope you all had a wonderful one with lots of good food and presents! :)

i, for one, had a somewhat boring one. lol. woke up in the afternoon, had pizza lunch, did my report, and then off to ah ma's house for dinner, which was probably the fun-er part of my day.

had a mini celebration on christmas eve, though it felt like any other paktor day. had lunch at vivo's LJS. my fish and SSD's chicken. super like LJS because of its crumbs but the 2pc fish and fries at $7.20 is expensive lor! SSD's only $4.50. how come mcdees' fish is cheaper? o.o
ok bad time to blog cos i'm craving for fries now. and STILL craving for lays salt & vinegar chips. :(

anyway, we had a good 2 hours to spare before our movie, so we went shopping. must have walked the whole of vivocity. and the crowd was horrendous! and SSD bought a shirt. and i didn't buy anything. boo.

watched alvin and the chipmunks: chipwrecked
it was.....kinda disappointing. there isn't much singing in this sequel; more on the adventures on the island. but the chipmunks are super cute!! especially theodore. lols. uncle ian's big bird costume was hilarious too. probably can watch if you want a laugh or two.

walked around somemore while we decided on where to have dinner. and finally made up our mind to......go back to cathay for nihon, which, for once, had no queue during dinner time. lol.
see the difference between the 2 salmon sushis?
their raw salmon is sliced sooo thin; i can just dip it in my cup of hot tea and it's cooked. -_-

also got SSD a chain from couplelab for his ring, cos it's easier to hide and he can bluff other girls he got no girlfriend the ring gives him rashes. lol. mainly because he got me TWO presents this christmas! :D
it's the westlife story that i mentioned some time ago. (i didn't say it because i wanted him to buy hor!) he found it on amazon and it's freaking cheap lor! lol. but i appreciate the effort and trouble he went through. muacks!

and he got me the dvd version, which has a hidden footage inside!
i managed to unlock it (very easy) and it was of westlife recording 'seasons in the sun'. shuai!

and the next present he gave me, was this bling bling guess watch.
love the bag watch! ^^ looks very expensive right?! lol. he actually won it in his company's christmas lucky draw lah, and it's for ladies. SO I TAN DIO!! *happy face* but too loose for me. it's either i eat fat fat so it'll fit, or i lose more weight so that i can remove one more section of the watch. hmmmm.

anyway, pretty glad i didn't really eat much sinful stuff this christmas season. except the pizza. and chicken rice. and the lays salt and vinegar chips that i MUST WILL eat someday soon. last sin was this cheesecake aunt bought. mad expensive, but very rich and nicee. errrr, the strawberry a bit sour though.
alrighty. gonna do report and watch kindaichi now. and maybe get something to eat. lol.

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