Sunday, December 18, 2011

買東西, 吃東西~!

just a quick post before i finish the last 10% of PM journal and start on my biz plan. 

met 媽 for our christmas shopping session yesterday. well, before that i'd like to take this opportunity to complain, though it didn't really affect me much. lol. anyway, i didn't know that the mrt trains had stalled again that morning, so my journey was like, sembawang → bishan → paya lebar → bugis. pretty troublesome cos the walking distance is longer, and waaayy too crowded. i hate crowds. :( so now, taxis up fares, trains stall, and buses lose their way. public transport is screwed. lol.

back to our shopping session, it was fun. very enjoyable to suan here suan there. haven't done that in ages. and the poor gal had almost 20 gifts to buy! lol. stopped for lunch at sakae. i've actually kinda, sworn off sakae but it happened to be right in front and i was hungry and she agreed, soooo.

the food was slightly better than suki (lesser rice definitely), and they have cha soba on the belt! it didn't taste very good though. and one thing i think suki should learn from them, is the ipad ordering system. easy to use coupled with quick response time, we almost didn't have to stop chatting at all! (yes we can chat with our mouths full. lol.)

but their prices still suck. $2.29 per plate is daylight robbery imho. we both had a green tea and 6 plates each; almost $18/pax! @_@ i hereby announce sushi express is still my favorite sushi place. lol.

continued shopping over at bugis street. i have a love-hate relationship with that place. the crowd is horrible but $10 clothes are wayy too tempting. lol. that's another plus point shopping with 媽. i never have to feel embarrassed to aim for budget clothes, cos she's like me! but of cos, i'm more budget now that i'm not working. oh wells.

finished buying our my shopping just in time. met up with SSD and headed over to buffet town for dinner, courtesy of my two aunts. we were there to celebrate their birthdays! ^^

anyway, when we reached, the queue was massive. even the reservations queue! super 誇張 one lor. but i see why now. the food variety and quality was indeed pretty impressive. the service staff was nice and helpful too. right in the beginning i asked SSD to get me a glass of water, he went and ask the staff for it instead. but you know what? HE BROUGHT IT FOR ME LEH! because we had asked for warm water, he even asked if the temperature was ok. maybe it's not a big deal, but undeniably the service standard has dropped everywhere, so it's nice to see that a good one still exist. :)

and now for the fooood. unfortunately, i was still a little bit full from lunch, so wasn't able to attack full force. lol but i hope what i had was enough to make the money worth. :\

my pretty and colorful salad! 3 kinds of veggies, 3 kinds of pickles, 3 colors of peppers, my favorite honey mustard sauce, croutons, and CHEESE POWDER! i think the first time i ate salad with cheese powder was in taiwan. mad loves! i had two bowls of this.
chilled crayfish, LOTS of chilled prawns, chilled scallops, and salmon sashimi! all were super fresh and yummy. ok the crayfish didn't exactly have good comments but i thought it was quite nice what! and i forgot to snap the oysters. apparently there's a long queue cos they shuck it upon request. 
my mixed platter - takoyaki, apple salad, lady finger tempura, ebi tempura, eggplant tempura, fried fish, fries, another kind of fish, and baby potato.
wild mushroom soup (left). would be nicer if it was hotter. and just beside it, there's a pasta station where you can choose your pasta + ingredients and they'll cook it for you. should have tried that, but pasta is filling. sad. and the grilled prawns (right)! they look so pretty but quite hard to peel and not as nice as the chilled ones.
dessert! green tea and dark chocolate ice cream with mini marshmallows. both are yummy! :)
lastly, my failed attempt at writing 'happy bday' with the chocolate syrup. 

had some other food (which i didn't snap), but i mainly concentrated on the salmon sashimi. so so nice! this is one of the few buffet places where i actually want to drop by again. and thanks for the treat! muacks! ^o^

phew. this took longer than i had expected. next week should be quieter. looking forward to nua chiong my reports at home. gambade!

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