Thursday, December 15, 2011

dinner with ex-colleagues @ swensons

after failing to meet up last week, we finally made it this week! well except 媽 since she was stuck in a meeting and 親愛的 in malaysia. so it was only the three of us today. was only two months since we last met but it felt so long to me lor. missed them so much! lols.

ok food first. although we were like, talking and laughing throughout the entire 2.5 hours and i didn't exactly pay attention to what i was eating. i don't think they did either. (p/s. froggie was being surprisingly cooperative. must be the lighting.)

super duper full. but i honestly cannot remember how my main tastes like. the two girls had like TONS of complaints and i was so engrossed in listening to them (have i mentioned that already?).

it's been half a year since i left but it's just so easy to understand and relate to what they're complaining about. feels like yesterday i was complaining about the same thing. lols. i admit i miss working there a lot. but i don't regret leaving. at least now i know how they, especially the project team, feels about me. 以前當我是草,現在知道我是寶了吧! 如今來叫我回去, 太遲了! ^o^

what? i deserve appreciation okay! i slogged 3 years of my life just for them. lols.

BHB-ing aside, my first christmas gift, from PL. why do everyone like giving me hand/nail creams? my hands look that bad meh? sobs. ok it's the thought that counts. 我明白的...

haven't done any report this couple of days. guess i really have to buck up if i wanna finish that 50% by this week. :(

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